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Here's what our customers have to say (blue are web links);


  • As an explorationist in the modern industry, multi-tasking is common. You have to be able to do a bit of everything and petrophysics is an essential skill. GS offers me a petrophysical package which is easy to use and has a very intuitive interface. It’s not daunting like some other packages designed for dedicated petrophysicists. I can load up a set of logs, load in some mud parameters and have a first pass interpretation in a matter of a few minutes. Yet it has “hidden” sophistication and power for those that want to dig deeper. I frequently find myself loading multiple log runs from different files into GS to produce a composite log suite in a single LAS file to load into other software packages, to make life a bit easier just because GS is far easier to use! It’s GIS and printing/plotting packages provide me with the tools I need to make convincing presentations, correlations and montages quickly and easily. Another plus is that Tom is extremely responsive in customer support and I can usually count on a solution to any problem I have within a few hours. Sometimes only minutes! Rob Barraclough, PM 323 PSC Manager, Newfield Peninsula Malaysia Inc.

  • I was using GS to conduct quicklook petrophysics at the well site as we were streaming real-time data from LWD. You have 90% of the answer 15 minutes after you drilled through the reservoir. I mean that’s just cool. Andrew Fernie, Development Geologist, Horizon Oil

  • Working as an exploration/production geophysicist for both major worldwide exploration and production companies and small midcontinent exploration companies for almost 30 years, I have used GS software for my personal well database and log editing package since 2003.  I have found that GS is the most cost-effective tool that I have in my arsenal for bulk interpretation of well tops and log-based facies analysis prior to integration with seismic data.  Although not written as a geophysical package, the integration of some basic geophysical analysis such as sonic integration, acoustic impedance calculation, and simple seismic synthetic creation has allowed me to demonstrate clearly and professionally the transition from seismic interpretation to well results.  I have especially made use of the extremely professional cross-section drafting capabilities of GS to craft superb graphics displays both for large-scale cross-sections and small scale PowerPoint presentations that are at a minimum the equal of what can be generated in Geoframe, Landmark or most other big-name mega-expensive integrated packages and is often superior! As has been said by others, the responsiveness of Tom Darin to user problems or suggestions is immediate, personal and professional. I am now and intend to continue as a GS customer as long as I remain working subsurface geology as this software has become an integral and critical tool that has enhanced my professional success. Jeffrey Ross, Senior Consulting Geophysicist, Prism Seismic

  • Just a note to say I am really impressed at the logs GS can produce. Thanks to your recommendation we are using a consultant to review some wells from Kalimantan and he has supplied Petrophysical logs at 1:500 scale. Very comprehensive and what’s more they communicate very well. Congratulations, just hope more folks can see and appreciate your software. John Taylor, Geophysicist

  • I have used a number of petrophysical software (including, geolog, geoquest). GS fares highly amongst these, but stands out as the most cost-effective, value for money. Francis Waina, Exploration Manager, New Guinea Energy Limited 

  • As a consultant or working in startup E&P companies I would not be without GS Software. The support is great and software is cost effective and just keeps getting better. John McLean-Hodgson, McLean Petroleum Consultants Pty. Ltd. working the Far East and Australia

  • I’ve been using GS Software for more than 15 years. Initially I used it to perform quick-look petrophysical analysis but over the years it has evolved into a superb well database that can store mudlog, wireline log and LWD data. While drilling wells, I now use it to quickly generate well correlations, formation pressure gradient plots and end of well composite logs. The technical support I have received over the years has been outstanding, problems are resolved within 24 hours and suggested improvements are generally implemented. Gerry McGinn, Operations Geologist, Kana Consultants, SE Asia

  • I just want to let you know again that your software is sensational. I went back to geology operations for this last project and your software was central to my every work day...database, casing design, offset well analysis, daily well correlation for section TD, pore pressure modeling, GWR through the oil leg...etc etc. Greg O'Neill, SE Asia

  • There is nothing else like GS on the Planet. GS has so many integrated aspects that it has no viable competition. THF, Geologist, SE Asia

  • I’ve been using GS since its inception 20 or more years ago….carrying it around in my PC as my ‘Toolbox’ of preference. It travels well and speaks just about any Geological language…..and has been a sturdy and faithful supporter, always there as my portable database and data presentation tool. Effective, sturdy, dependable and the perfect tool in which to store the data in today’s electronic world. Steve T, Geologist, Dili, Timor-Leste

  • I have used GS on & off for 20 years. Every company I transition to then gets to use it. In some it makes an impact as a primary evaluation tool, in others it is a secondary useful tool. But always it is used and admired by others. Just as important as the basic petrophysical items are the add-ons such as the ability to input any depth in a devisted wellbore and get offset and actual location. The cross section routine is amazingly robust for a program that does not require serious IT support. GS usually allows me to accomplish many of my goals before dark (usually even before lunch) and get home on time, after sending accurate well or zone summaries and/or recommendations with nice supporting graphics to whomever requires it. When I come across a consultant who knows how to make GS hum, then I know I have found a pro who is going to get the job done. Riley Bates, Senior International Geologist,  Plains Exploration & Production Company, Houston

  • Just thought I’d let you know that GS is absolutely the best mudlog display software I’ve used. We were using it on a live well and we had no hassles at all with using GS as our logging software. We are still using GS at GeoSphere and I’m still loving it. Kim Styles, Geologist, GeoSphere, New Zealand

  • GS gives me the ability to deal with the full range of well data on modest computers, at reasonable cost and without IT support, both on wellsites and in the office.  Keep up the good work! Donald MacFarlan, consultant geologist, New Plymouth, New Zealand

  • I have used GS since version 1.0, and it has kept me out of difficulties on many occasions. Most notably; small oil company in a remote Bangladesh location, no geological software. Two geologists in country, one wellsite, and me in the office. The oil company CEO wanted an update from me whenever he was in country. On one occasion he was accompanied by the CEO of one of the five biggest oil companies and a vice president from another of the top five. My presentation was superb. Cross sections, composite logs, petrophysical analyses - all done on GS. I use GS all the time. Glenn Fletcher, Independent Consultant, presently working for TOTAL, Balikpapan, Indonesia

  • I've used several large and expensive programs but they do not come close to GS's ease of use. There are several features that I have not seen in these other evaluation packages, for instance the click-enabled inputs and the running average shale properties. There's nothing like GeoScience for getting a quick but mathematically rigorous answer, with ample porosity and saturation options to make the program suitable for just about any geological environment. It is essential when your boss is breathing down your neck and you have just received the digits five minutes ago. AB, Geologist, Vietnam

  • I’ve used GS since version 1 almost 20 years ago and I still think it’s great.  I’m not the company petrophysicist, but I use GS for all sorts of log manipulation, correlation and the occasional analysis when I think someone has bypassed the pay.  The support is there via email and while I have had a few problems over the years, it’s usually been tracked down to data problems.  I’m staying with GS. Mark Adamson, Consultant Operations Geologist, Oil Search Limited,  PNG (Australasia)

  • As an independent Consultant Geologist I used GS for nearly a decade, and neither the software nor the software developer, Tom Darin, have let me down once during this time. Firstly, the software is the most intuitive I have used (no need to read a manual to get started with this one), GS contains a lot of smart logic which eliminates the need for your average Geologist or Engineer to be a budding Petrophysics wiz. GS retains, however, enough tweaks to be of value to the specialist Petrophysicist. GS also has support for time depth processing, correlations, making sections and composite logs, maps through gridding algorithms, data base query and more recently full GIS support, all of which I have used and appreciated frequently. This software has strongly supported my Consulting practice and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to Geologists, Engineers and Petrophysicists alike. One thing above all else that has impressed me over the years is Tom's response to request for changes and/or additions to his software. In most cases patches have been issued within 24 hours, the longest I have had to wait was around 2 weeks, this is truly amazing in this day and age, and all this for a minimal yearly support fee. GS is the best value software, of its type, I have come across in my thirty year Petroleum career. My only regret is that I did not encounter this product earlier in my career. David T, Consultant Geologist, Timor Sea

  • I have used GS Software in my consulting business for many years now and have always found the software highly capable, very fast and the support the same. Steve Davidson, Petroleum Engineer, Jadmist Pty Ltd, Brisbane Australia. 

  • I’ve used GS since its early development stages in 1990, and it was already a more practical and nimble alternative to the big programs. I found it especially useful for quick-look situations. For example, when operating offshore Indonesia with two majors as partners, we had to get a log results before they did, in order to propose a test program (or not), we had our results DAYS before both companies, with results which came to the same conclusions and made us look good. Furthermore, GS became truly formidable with the subsequent additions of mud log data (so important but often totally ignored by the more industry-standard log analyses), and the utilities for cross sections and maps. I attribute its success to the simple fact that it was written, developed and continually updated by an explorationist who is conducting analyses himself, unlike the usual situation with software in which programmers who write the code do not actually use the program! I thoroughly recommend GS as a rapid (and cost effective) log evaluation tool. Dr. Andy Wight, Repsol Far East & Russia Group (formerly Maxus/IIAPCO Indonesia), Madrid , Spain.

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