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Much More...
Some of the many other capabilities in GS;

  • Extensive context-sensitive online Help System accessible from any program. Includes detailed Workflows to get you started quickly.

  • Graphical map mode Database queries - find wells with any combination of data.

  • Log statistics compilation.

  • Multi-well Borehole Trajectory 3-D Cube Visualization.

  • Load Log data from LAS (single or batch wells) or generic columnar ASCII files.

  • Load additonal data; MudLog lithologies, Sample Descriptions, Miscellaneous Comments, Dipmeter data, Shows, Deviation, Tests, Checkshots, RFT, SWC, Conventional Cores, Lab Analyses, etc.

  • Export all data to LAS and ASCII formats

  • Simple Database Maintenance tools

  • Full Range of Log Editing tools;

    • Manual Editing and Bulk Shifting

    • Interactive Log Normalization

    • Splice Logs from Other Wells

    • Smoothing

    • De-Spiking

    • Old-style Neutron conversions

    • SP Drift / Baseline corrections

    • GR Environmental Corrections

    • Interactive Graphical Depth Shifting

  • Create Custom Logs from other Log Combinations

  • Surveying and Geographic Projections

  • Create Shapefiles by Importing from Text Files

  • Create Shapefiles Graphically by Drawing Points, Lines, and Polygons on a Map

  • Log Image Depth Referencing

  • Document + Image Catalog to add any non-GS data types to the Database for  easy recall and viewing from within GS.

  • Create Well Location Basemaps at any size and scale.

  • Etc....

GS Help System

Log Editing

SP Baseline Drift Correction

Log Statistics

Log Normalization

Custom Log Creation

Log Header Data Entry Menu

Horner Plot for Logging Temperatures

Database Searches to Create GIS Map Layers

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