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The following prices are for direct licensing from GeoScience Software; 

  • Corporate Site License: US $7950 first installation, $3000 all additional installations.

  • Corporate Unlimited Network License: negotiable based on corporate requirements.

  • Independent Consultant License: US $1250 plus shipping (requires reference or evidence of independent status). 

GS is a tightly integrated system, and is NOT broken into separate modules. All of the functions described here are included in the price. A 50% educational discount is available. Significant discounts may be available for multiple purchases. Maintenance fees are 7.5% (of the purchase price) per year, with the first year included in the purchase. This annual fee provides direct priority support via phone or e-mail, 24/7/365, and complete upgrades as they become available (usually monthly). Our level of support is the best in the business! If you have a question or problem, you'll get immediate and highly personalized attention from the software's developers - not a generic "Ticket Number" e-mail or contact from a low-cost call center.
The software license is provided under simple end-user licensing agreement terms that provide for perpetual usage. The purchasing procedure for the software is done separately by shipped package and e-mailed procedures. The package contains a USB dongle (hardware key) and CD for installing the full GS version. The installer will provide full uninstall options.
Outside North America, many countries require the involvement of locally-based agents to ensure cost-recovery. If the customer desires purchase through one of these agents, additional costs will be incurred. Prices are exclusive of any import duties or local taxes, which are to the customer's account.
We stand behind our software 100%, Importantly, there is an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee after purchase, which makes GS a risk-free proposition for your company.
Please don't hesitate to
Contact Us directly with any pricing or licensing questions, or when you are ready to order!

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