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GS is a fully integrated PC-Windows based geological system whose primary features include interactive well correlations, cross sections (including raster log images), comprehensive petrophysical analyses, Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient prediction, FIT Pressure Analysis, single or multiple well dipmeter interpretation, integration of mudlog data, seismic synthetics, quick mapping, and detailed composite log design. The GS interface has a centralized GIS theme utilizing ArcView/ESRI software controls.

In terms of technical capabilities, GS equals any PC product on the market. In terms of price, performance, and especially user-friendliness, it is superior. GS was developed by practicing petroleum geologists to deliver practical and innovative solutions to geo-technical professionals. The basic manipulation of wireline and other log data is a fundamental part of petroleum geology, geophysics, and engineering. The high level of GS user-friendliness makes these critical capabilities easily accessible to a wide range of technical expertise, thus putting powerful tools directly in the hands of the end user and eliminating the common IT department bottlenecks. GS is therefore ideal for a wide range of applications, from exploration, to development, and to wellsite operations where fast, reliable solutions are required. The GS package has been very successful since its introduction 28 years ago, with over 650 installations worldwide (references available upon request). Our personalized level of support is the best in the business.

GS runs on any +Win98 systems, including Win 10. Minimum recommended RAM is 8 GB.

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