Composite Log Design 
Flexible Composite log design - create almost any format you can imagine; 

  • Create up to 15 tracks, with up to 10 data types in each track 

  • Composite can include any of the following;

    • Logs (Wireline, LWD, Mudlog, Petrophysics, User-defined)

    • Complete Log line style control

    • Full shading options (gradient, shade to another log, etc.)

    • Petrophysics Total Formation and Moveable/Immovaable HC's

    • Lithology (Mudlog, User-defined, Petrophysics-derived)

    • Grids and Depths in any/all Domains

    • Shows (Cuttings, Cores, SWC) - simple symbols or detailed descriptions

    • Tests and FIT's

    • Dip data (sticks to any orientation, tadpoles, rose diagrams over any interval)

    • Sample Descriptions

    • Horizons/Zonations - simple or detailed columnar format

    • Core Lithology and/or Lab data (Conventional and SWC)

    • Seismic Synthetics

    • User Comments

    • Innovative graphical Reservoir Statistics format

    • Full Raster Log image integration and Log Depth Referencing

  • Flexible track, data attribute, and accessory options

  • Complete control over Vertical Scale and Track widths

  • Measured Depth, True Vertical Depth, SubSea, or Seismic Two-Way Time

  • Create Unique Header Templates that can include Logos, Maps, etc.

  • Output to Plotters and many file formats (TIF, JPG, BMP, PDF, etc.)

Composite Log Design Menu

Lithology Format Example

Mudlog Format with Custom Header

GS Petrophysics Sample

Log Formatting menu