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Quick-Look Petrophysics:

  • A true one-click solution in an interactive animated interface allowing the user to modify many of the key variables and see instantaneous results.

Full Petrophysics system with the following primary features: 

  • Comprehensive 2D and 3D log (single and multi-well) and lithology crossplotting

  • Complete environmental and Rt (Tornado Chart) corrections

  • Advanced "Bad Hole" Logic and log corrections

  • 11 porosity algorithms, including an intelligent "Computer's Choice" mode

  • V-shale from GR, SP, Potassium, Thorium, Resistivity, Sonic, and Neu-Den logs

  • Rwa, RwSP, and RW Ratio calculations including interactive Hingle and Pickett plots

  • Innovative graphical "F" Overlay Rw determination

  • Create a "User Interpreted Lithology" to statistically bias the Lithology calculations

  • Integration of Elemental Log lithologies

  • Deterministic Simultaneous model for complex multi-mineral Lithology solutions

  • Nine Water Saturation models

  • Interactive capabilities for instantaneous display of SW variable changes

  • Permeability calculations from three models

  • Statistical analysis of results (Net Pay, Averages, Net Lithology, Lith ratios, etc.)

  • Original Oil and Gas In-place calculations

  • Productive Potential (Winland)

  • Thin Bed Pay analysis used the Thomas-Stieber method

  • TOC from Passey's DlogR Method using sonic, density, or resistivity logs

  • LAS and Text file tabulation for output to spreadsheets and word processors

Quick-Look Petrophysics

Log Crossplotting

Lithology Crossplotting

Bad Hole Logic and Log Corrections

V-Shale Generation

Create Clean Water Zone Flags for RW Analysis

View RW Methods

Pickett Plots

Hingle Plots

RT Corrections

Lithology Modeling

Extensive Library of Lithology Accessories, or Create Your Own

Add Lithology Accessories to a Well

Petrophysics Results

Interactive Petrophysics

SW Model Comparisons

Post-analysis Net Pay Statistics

Permeability Plots

Oil and Gas In-Place Statistics

TS Menu

Thomas-Stieber Thin Bed Pay Analysis

TOC from Passey's DlogR Method

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