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Support for Current Customers

All current GS customers will receive monthly software updates by e-mail and web link, or at more frequent intervals when important new capabilities are added to the system. If you are NOT current then you will NOT receive updates. If you are current but have not been receiving these, then please Contact Us immediately to resolve the problem!

New Installations
For new customers, GS will be provided on a CD that is included with the shipped package. This CD utilizes a Setup routine which is a standard Windows installation interface. This Setup process ensures that all the associated system level files (DLL, OCX, etc) are placed into the correct folders and are properly registered. If you are re-installing GS to a new computer, but your CD is lost or an older version, then please
Contact Us and we will immediately provide a new Full Installation Setup file.
Regular Updates
Monthly updates are distributed by an e-mailed web page link where you can download the latest PATCH, which is much smaller than the first-time Full Installation. The patch contains only the GS.EXE program file - you won't need to install all the DLL/OCX files again. Simply UnZip the downloaded GS70-Setup.ZIP file and then RUN the extracted GS70-Setup.EXE file
from the Windows START / RUN task bar. A file name GS.EXE will be decompressed. This is the actual GS V7.0 executable program file and will be installed in your GS Program folder (usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\GS55) to over-write the existing GS.EXE file. Before you do this, copy the old GS.EXE file to a temporary place as a backup in case of a problem with the downloaded file.
What's New
The monthly updates list all of the new features available in GS. If you are not current, then  please
Contact Us and we will provide a Status Report detailing all the new GS features over the past two years. 
GS Help System Update
GS contains an extensive graphics-rich context sensitive Help system that is contained in a file called GS70.CHM, and is stored in your GS program folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\GS55). This file is usually included with the monthly updates and installed automatically. If you have any questions about some new feature in GS that is not covered by your current Help system, then  please
Contact Us and we will forward the GS70.CHM file with install instructions. 

Note that Windows Security updates may restrict access to .chm files (something to do with malicious code being written into them). If your PC is on automatic update from Microsoft, you might not have noticed these changes to your system. If you get a message in the GS Help system that NAVIGATION TO THE WEB PAGE WAS CANCELLED, then go to the GS70.CHM file in the GS Program folder and right-click on it for “Properties”. There will be an unblock option that will solve the problem. 
This payment button is for the convenience of existing customers to pay Licensing, Maintenance, and other fees using safe and secure PayPal. You will receive annual invoices for your Maintenance by e-mail. Do not use this payment button until the Maintenance amount and period are confirmed by e-mail. New customers do not use this button unless instructed to do so. In all cases, other payment options are available; direct credit card processing, wire transfer, Bank Draft, and US$ check drawn on a US bank.




If you have missed the regular updates for any reason, or are not current with your GS license, or if you need to re-install GS, or if there are any problems with GS, then please don't hesitate to  Contact Us and we'll provide a solution ASAP.

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