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Quick Mapping and Data Extraction

  • The Data Extractor and Quick Mapper allow rapid spatial evaluation of large databases – test your concepts quickly! The Data Extractor quickly compiles a wide range of statistics for all database wells to produce an XYZ Point file for the Mapper;

    • Horizons (Structure Maps in Time or Depth)

    • Horizon Intervals (Isopach and Isochron maps)

    • Average Log values over any interval

    • Log Cutoff counts over any interval

    • Fractional Log Height

    • Lithology percentages and ratios over any interval (Lithofacies Maps)

    • Average Dips over any interval (Depositional Energy Maps)

    • Geothermal Gradients to any horizon (Kitchen Maps)

  • Trend and Residual Surface Analysis

  • Quick Mapping; Contour, Color Fill, Color Flood, and a variety of 3-D renderings

  • Point editing functions.

  • Import and Export of XYZ data in ASCII Format

  • Export Map graphics to Shapefiles or Georeferenced raster files (BMP)

Contour Map

Color Flood Map

Color Fill Map

3D Color Fill Map

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