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Technical Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of exploration-oriented technical evaluation services. Of course, our specialty is log analysis. We have provided low-cost solutions to many clients around the world, in both large and small companies, and in a wide range of basins spanning the full geological time spectrum. The tools available in GS afford us a very high level of efficiency; we can extract 95% of the knowledge in your logs in a very short amount of time and at minimal cost. We will not waste your time and money analyzing things that are not knowable. No matter how difficult the challenge, we won't shy away from making tough professional judgments. Our unique approach is ideal for the rapid evaluation of operational wells, small fields, and farmin opportunities.


Have 1000's of well to analyze? Not a problem; we have developed customized code tailored to the geology and unique challenges of each basin to batch process large volumes of wells (+3500 in our largest project to date) for maximum value extraction and output to client AI databases.


If your company already licenses GS we can provide training courses tailored to your individual needs, such as petrophysics, etc.

If you are considering licensing GS we can also provide live GS software demos to quickly review the major capabilities of the system for your team.
Please don't hesitate to
Contact Us for technical assistance. We will be happy to provide references, sample deliverables, and costs.
Tom Darin
President, GeoScience Software

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