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Seismic Synthetics 
A suite of Seismic functions which includes the following primary features;

  • Time – Depth functions from Checkshots and Sonic Log Integration.

  • Multi-well composite Time-Depth compilation in a map mode.

  • Extract “pseudo” Sonic and Density Logs from a petrophysical analysis. These logs can then be used in the Synthetics. The advantages are better vertical  resolution, elimination of "bad-hole" effects, and reduction of the statistical noise inherent in the density log. This innovative approach brings geology and geophysics together in the borehole.

  • Create Density Logs from Sonic using formation-specific Gardner Equation Coefficients.

  • Create Density Logs from Resistivity.

  • Stacking Velocity utilities, including Pore Pressure prediction.

  • Seismic Synthetics;

    • Ricker Zero Phase Wavelet

    • Butterworth Minimum Phase Wavelet

    • User Defined Wavelet

    • Integration of the Sonic log with the Time-Depth function

    • RMS and Instantaneous Gain Control (AGC)

Time-Depth Display

Seismic Synthetics

Create Sonic and Density Logs from Petrophysical Analysis Results

Seismic Stacking Velocities (Pennebaker Plot)

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