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Some of the many other miscellaneous Functions in GS;
  • Extensive context-sensitive online Help¬†System accessible from any program. Includes detailed Workflows to get you started quickly.
  • Graphical map mode Database queries - find wells with any combination of data.
  • Log statistics compilation.
  • Multi-well Borehole Trajectory 3-D Cube Visualization.
  • Load Log data from LAS or generic columnar ASCII files.
  • Load additonal data; Mudlog lithologies, Sample Descriptions, Miscellaneous Comments, Dipmeter data, Shows, Deviation, Tests, Checkshots, RFT, SWC, Conventional Cores, Lab Analyses, etc.
  • Export all data to LAS and ASCII formats
  • Simple Database Maintenance tools
  • Full Range of Log Editing tools;
    • Manual Editing and Bulk Shifting
    • Old-style Neutron conversions
    • SP Drift / Baseline corrections
    • GR Environmental Corrections
    • Interactive Graphical Depth Shifting
  • Create Custom Logs from other Log Combinations
  • Surveying and Geographic Projections
  • Document + Image Catalog to add any non-GS data types to the Database for ¬† easy recall and viewing from within GS.
  • Create Well Location Basemaps at any size and scale.
  • Etc....
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